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Top Five SOMA Bars for Happy Hour

Whether you’re capping off a hard day at work or catching up with family and friends, you need to check out these SOMA establishments. This diverse downtown neighborhood, located south of Market Street, is frequented by tourists, tech workers, baseball fans, and business people. Out of all the dive bars, sports hangouts and upscale watering holes, here are the top five SOMA bars for happy hour.

431 Natoma St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Walking through a sketchy alley to get one of San Francisco’s best dive bars is definitely worth the risk. Tempest is a great place for sports fanatics to catch a game. Inside you’ll find newspaper clips of the San Francisco Giants winning the MLB championship in past years and neat art and graffiti hanging on the walls. With Box Kitchen next door for snacks this is a great choice for affordable happy hour. The bar has a good number of TVs for sports fans, and an awesome pool table and video arcade. Its drink combos are a popular choice, including $5 PBR, Hams, or Busch with a shot of Jim Bean or Dickle. If you love tequila, the “Donkey Show,” combo only $8 comes with a refreshing pint of Modelo and a shot of Pueblo Viejo Blanco. The “Industry Special,” comes with a seven ounce Miller High Life and a shot of Fernet for $5.

Jillian’s San Francisco
175 Fourth St. San Francisco, CA 94103

Jillian’s is huge and friendly bar with a lunch and dinner menu, a plethora of TVs for watching sports events, plus an abundance of pool tables. It is located right in the heart of the Metreon; it attracts a mixed crowd of tourists, office workers and convention attendees. Walking in, visitors are instantly drawn to a huge TV, while back wall is highlighted by colorful and surreal cartoon figures. The prices are a little high but the bar has an well-priced happy hour Monday through Friday from 3-6 pm which includes $5 cocktails and a wide selection of bottled and draft beers and appetizers.

The Chieftain Irish Pub & Restaurant
198 Fifth St, San Francisco, CA 94103

The Chieftain is an Irish pub and restaurant with a rich history. First built in 1912 and named the M&M Tavern, it was the hot spot for reporters of the San Francisco Chronicle at the time. The pub is one block away from the Metreon and is within walking distance of The San Francisco Center and Moscone. Interestingly enough, a bronze plaque at the handsome mahogany bar says that the bar was built using Belgian castle stone. The pub is great for watching sports and even has live music on certain days. It serves traditional dishes like fish & chips, Irish stew, burgers, salads, sandwiches, and appetizers. The pub has a convenient happy hour from 3-6 pm daily. It’s a great place to wind down after work and have a few drinks with colleagues. Of course, it wouldn’t be an Irish pub if it didn’t have Guinness on tap.

Local Edition
691 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94105

Have you ever watched a scene in a movie in which the characters walk through an alley to a hidden door which leads to a secret bar or club? Well, that is what it feels like to walk into Local Edition; located on busy Mission St. there is no sign, but look for a big clock inside the window. Local Edition is a speakeasy decorated with old news paper clippings and typewriters; it has has an elegant, yet relaxed ambience that makes it a great spot for after-work drinks. Plush red booths are available with reservations; otherwise the bar is first-come, first-serve. Monday through Wednesday you can see live jazz starting at 8:00 pm. Cocktails are priced from $12 to $13 and feature a variety of exotic ingredients. For instance, the “Town & Country,” contains white rum, amburana aged cachaca, lime, blanc vermouth, red grapes, thyme, poppy tincture, egg whites, tonic, and is shaken and served on the rocks.

The View 39
39, 780 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103

To-die-for View 39 is located on the 39th floor of The Marriot Hotel on 4th street. Once you enter the bar you will see panoramic views of the city from different angles. The bar is open Sunday through Wednesday from 4 pm till 1am and Thursday through Saturday from 4pm till 1:30 am It serves cocktails, craft and bottled beer, food, and wine. It is a sophisticated bar often frequented by business people attending events at nearby Moscone. However, the bar’s welcoming atmosphere and attentive servers make it a great place for locals to bring out-of town visitors. The drinks are pricey, but the mesmerizing views of the city bring serenity. Here are some of the small plates of food the bar serves like warm cheesy bread, cage free deviled eggs, focaccia bruschetta, and Strauss family grass-fed meatloaf sliders. Try their Golden Gate cocktail with Jameson, St. Germaine, cranberry, and ginger ale. The bar is stylishly decorated with white leather sofas and marble tables it’s truly a refuge from the busy, noisy streets below.

Top 10 Must-See Spots Along the California Coast

California is a dream for travelers. It’s a synonym for freedom, a state where everything seems possible. The coast, which is probably one of the most beautiful on earth, is not an exception. Renting a car and riding the mythic Highway 1 from San Francisco to San Diego, driving through Los Angeles, discovering lesser-known, picturesque cities, and exploring some incredible landscapes, that is California. As we want you to have the best experience possible in the Golden State, we listed the top 10 must-see spots that will make for a memorable journey along this spectacular coast.

10 // Santa Cruz

If you’re looking for a spot to sunbath and have some boardwalk fun, Santa Cruz will warmly welcome you only 75 miles south of San Francisco. The city is well-known for its iconic pier. No matter what age you are, you’ll find something here that will put a smile on your face. But Santa Cruz is much more than this strip of beach and plywood. After the pier, be sure to take in the beautiful Redwood Forest and impressive caves that make up the heart of the city.

9 // Monterey

A lot of history belongs to the city of Monterey, a Northern California town situated in the southern edge of the Monterey Bay. It was the property of Spain in the 17th century, prompting one of the only known naval battle on the West Coast in 1818 when Argentina attacked the city to loosen Spain’s hold on California. California pledged allegiance to Mexico when it won its independence a few years later, but of course, the US claimed it during the Mexican-American War in 1946. But this city doesn’t only enjoy a rich history; it boasts beautiful sandy beaches and a perfect balance of city life and sleepy suburbs. This is the place for tourists who want to discover what California really looks like.

8 // Morro Rock

Located in the south of Big Sur, Morro Rock is a volcanic plug that is proudly displayed just off the shore of Morro Bay. Almost like a tiny peninsula, it’s connected to the land by a small road that makes it accessible by foot though climbing on the rock is forbidden. Several types of birds nest on the rock including diverse cormorants and gulls species. The place also serves as a reserve for the endangered Peregrine Falcons.

7 // Carlsbad

Located in northern San Diego County, Carlsbad is somewhat of a seaside resort city that locals like to call “The Village by the Sea.” Not as touristy as Santa Barbara but equally as interesting, Carlsbad enjoys a semi-arid Mediterranean climate. Plenty of cafes and restaurants surround the streets, and as the 5th richest city in the state of California, it’s also full of luxury shopping. Seriously, when you enter Carlsbad you automatically smell the air of a very privileged city. Whether you live there, vacation there or simply pass through during a roadtrip, you’ll feel like royalty.

6 // Half Moon Bay State Beach

Four miles of protected and wild beaches — that’s what the Half Moon Bay State Beach is made of. People enjoy coming to this preserved nature beauty for fishing or just relaxing, enjoying the scenery and sunbathing. If you’re a golfer you will appreciate the world-famous course nestled on a cliff. Next to that, and if you want to stay a little longer, the splendid Ritz Carlton is waiting for you for an unforgettable experience where you are going to spend some magical nights with an incredible view over the ocean. If you prefer to get a real connection with the nature and the surroundings, you will also have the option to camp on the beach. In Half Moon Bay, you are guaranteed to live in a series of timeless moments.

5 // McWay Falls

A little further up than the Bixby Creek Bridge but still in the Big Sur area, you’ll discover another gorgeous landscape known as McWay Falls. Situated in the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, it features a 24m waterfall surrounded by a wild and green nature. Get your cameras ready to take amazing pictures worthy of postcards. Fun fact: This place was also made popular Eminem, who featured it in his music video for “I Need a Doctor,” which has almost 300 millions views on Youtube.

4 // La Jolla

The hilly seaside community of La Jolla is a neighborhood in San Diego. Literally synonym of paradise, it showcases a great variety of boutiques, restaurants and lodging. La Jolla is a lovely place to end your Californian road trip if you’re traveling down the coast. It’s also the perfect spot for people who want to experiment in an incredible metropolitan area while also being short drives away from some calm, serene nature.

3 // Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara’s reputation is well-establish. As one of the most authentic and charming cities in California, Santa Barbara is a key venue of your journey through the Golden State. With its white houses and colorful shopping streets we have the impression of being transported directly in the south of Spain. But the high palms and the never-ending beach remind us well that we are in California. Whether you enjoy enjoy hiking, nightlight, water sports or fine dining, Santa Barbara is perfect for the whole family.

2 // Brixby Bridge

Located in northern Big Sur, The Bixby Creek Bridge is one of the most photographed and mythical bridges in California. The only way to go there is by riding the Highway 1. 120 miles south of San Francisco and 13 miles south of Carmel, the bridge suddenly appears on the twisting road as a beautiful surprise. It is surrounded by luxurious vegetation and faces the west coast with it’s expansive blue ocean and picturesque sandy beach. This scenery is truly unique to California.

1 // Carmel

Carmel is probably the most picturesque and bucolic village along the coast. With its iconic brick houses and thatched rooftops that will recall the English countryside, it’s hard not to fall in love with this little jewel of a town that seems living out of time. The famous actor Clint Eastwood used to be Carmel’s mayor and he still owns a ranch with a hotel and restaurant. In the center of the village, art lovers will find several galleries and little boutiques. Carmel’s beach is also one of the most charming in California. In fact, this small city represents the perfect definition for beauty, pleasure and luxury.

The Different Journeys to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of the New7Wonders and home to the most famous Inca ruins in the world. Located in the Cusco region of Peru, this ancient citadel is known for its otherworldly beauty and unique scenery. It attracts more than 2500 tourists every day, but sitting 7,970ft (2,430 meters) above sea level, Machu Picchu is no casual tourist destination.

There are several way to reach Machu Picchu, and each one offers a difference experience of this sacred place. For those looking to expend less energy or save some money, you can easily reach Machu Picchu by bus or by train. But that is not our objective — We’re looking for an unforgettable experience. If you are keen on adventure and want to embark on a memorable journey, the best way to discover Machu Picchu is through one of these breathtaking treks. Though the price of these journeys are relatively high, they offer a unique perspective on this ancient world. You can pick your hike based on what type of experience you wants, whether it’s mythical, spiritual, sporty, or cultural.

The Inca Trail

This trail is the most famous in South America and is considered to be in the top 5 treks in the world. So if you opt for the Inca Trail, which is particularly crowded from May to September, plan to book it months in advance. This is the only trail that goes directly to the ruins of Machu Picchu. If you choose a personal guide for two people, you have to count around $1600 per person. The most accessible price is $560 if you choose to make your journey with a group of 13 people. It usually takes 4 days to do the Inca Trail, and each package includes lodging in tents or modest hotels. The Inca Trail passes through several types of Andean environments including cloud forests and alpine tundra. This trek is perfect for people who are looking for a unique adventure, beautiful sceneries and incredible memories.

The Salkantay Trek

This 5 or 7 day trek is ideal for people who want to challenge themselves. Indeed, the Salkantay is one of the most physically challenging on our list. Crossing the Salkantay pass at 4600m above sea level, during your journey you will see some incredible landscapes, like the cloud forests and the Llactapata Inca ruins. Not as popular as the Inca trail, the Salkantay is still just as beautiful. You should book this trek with an agency at least 2 months before the beginning of your trip to be sure to get a spot on this incredible experience. Unlike the Inca Trail, the other treks do not end their path directly at Machu Picchu. You will have to take a bus from the picturesque city of Aguas Calientes that run directly to the ruins. Salkantay trek is not as expensive as the Inca Trail, with prices ranging between $500 to $900, all inclusive.

The Lares Trek

The Lares Trek is the one you might choose if you are looking for a more cultural experience. Less sporty than the Salkantay but still challenging, Lares is a perfect alternative to the Inca Trail. Here’s what you’re in for if you choose this 4-day trek: Experience the local Peruvian life, pass through untouched Andean villages, and even swim in natural a thermal bath. The price of the trek is approximately the same as the Salkantay and may vary depending on your choice of agency. With most of them, you will spend two nights in tents and the last one in a hotel in Aguas Calientes, where Lares ends, before taking the bus directly to your destination: Machu Picchu.

The Choquequirao Trek

The Choquequirao Trek does not go to Machu Picchu. The 4-day trek ends its path in the Inca ruin of Choquequirao, known as Machu Picchu’s little sister. This Inca ruin welcomes only 5 people per day on average, leaving it beautifully preserved. With an agency, you will have to shell out between $500 for a group of eight people to $800 for a private guide for two. The Choquequirao Trek is perfect for people who want to travel off the beaten path and experience Peru without the crowds. For those who want both experiences, you can also combine the Choquequirao trek with a traditional Machu Picchu trip for an eight days trek.

The Vilcabamba Trek

This 5 to 13 day trek, depending on where you start your journey, is a highlt difficulty trail that requires some training and good physical condition. If you choose this physically demanding trek, you’ll be rewarded with rich, hidden treasures of the land. Cross the mile-deep Apurimac River, explore the ruins of Choquequirao, and meet the Cordillera Vilcabamba population. For an 8 days trek the price approximately varies between $900 to $1000. Still relatively unknown from the tourist crowd, the Vilcabamba is the perfect journey for people used to intense hiking and who are looking to immerse themselves in diverse natural sceneries as well as the Inca ruins.

The Chaski Trail

Also known as the Cachicata Trek, the Chaski is one of the newest trekking routes in the Cusco region. This 3 to 5 days trek is easier than most of the others. During your hike you will pass through the stunning waterfalls of Perolniyoc, the Huarocondo terraces, and of course some Inca ruins. The average price varies between $600 to $900 and the trail ends at Ollantaytambo where you will take the train to reach Machu Picchu. Like the Vilcabamba Trek, the Chaski is quite unknown from the travelers and thus few agencies offer this journey. So if you are looking for a more relaxed hike and want to avoid the crowd, the Chaski Trail is perfect for you.

The Top 10 Paradise Islands

As the sunny weather comes back slowly but surely, it’s time for you to think about where you’re going to explore, enjoy the heat, and soak your feet this summer. If you prefer to spend your year in the cold or in hectic cities, that’s totally fine. But you can at least get away for a weekend or two to visit one of these top 10 paradise islands.

10 // Cape Verde

Located in West Africa, Cape Verde is composed by 10 volcanic islands. If you are keen on scuba diving, this is the place to go! Cape Verde is appreciated as a prime location for outdoor and hiking amateurs as well as a perfect spot for beach idleness. The Island is still not a touristy place and is free of crowds and the big hotels complex. If you are looking for authenticity, Cape Verde will undoubtedly meet your expectations.

9 // Formentera

Formentera is one of Spain’s small Balearic islands. Floating in the western Mediterranean Sea, this place is ideal for those with simple island needs: the ocean, the sand, some palms and you. If you feel sick of the hectic nightlife of Ibiza, located right next door, Forementra will warmly welcome you. Here, peace and quiet are the watchwords. The island is perfect for relaxation and renewal.

8 // Barbados

Situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Barbados is a melting pot of culture. That is what gives Barbados it’s strength — its great diversity. Dreamy beaches in the south, perfect swimming conditions in the west, and massive waves in the east where surfers will find their paradise. But what is most special about Barbados is it’s splendid tropical gardens and music scene. Jazz, reggae, and calypso are some of the genres that you might hear pouring out of any club and over the island. In Barbados, you are sure to never get bored!

7 // Tasmania

An isolated island situated in the south of the Australian coast, Tasmania is the perfect spot for people who are looking for uncharted wilderness. With many parks and nature reserves, it’s natural landscape is well-preserved with large pockets totally free from human tampering. But the island is also known for hosting many festivals like wine or food as well as arts and music events. Here you have nature, culture, and much more in an idyllic scenery where sandy beaches and giants eucalyptus are the norm.

6 // Corfu

Despite the fact that Corfu attracts many tourists every summer, the island has kept its picturesque scenery. Beautiful beaches, luxurious vegetation, woody mountains, authentic greeks villages — it’s no doubt that Corfu is one of the most sumptuous islands in the world. The old and beautiful Corfu town has been designated a Unesco heritage site. Corfu is the perfect island to spend your summer surrounded by worldly entertainment, the authentic greek restaurants, and classic island fare.

5 // Ko Pha-Ngan

During the day, Koh Pha-Ngan literally looks like the definition of a tropical paradise. Coconut palms, a turquoise sea, and fine white sand as far as the eye can see. It’s the perfect place to unwind during the day and turn up when the sun goes down. Because this island of dreams wakes up at night. And make sure you time your trip wisely, because each month, during the full moon, thousands of people come to party in Ko Pha-Ngan where DJs spin music on the beach all night long. Ko Pha-Ngan is the perfect island to spend your summer holiday if you’re looking to sunbathe during the day and get crazy the night.

4 // Réunion

Réunion is a French department island located in the Indian Ocean. It’s hard not to fall in love with this little jewel. Less famous than it’s neighbor Mauritius, Reunion is equally interesting and probably more diverse. With an active volcano on its south coast, its natural treasures and black sand beaches, Reunion is ideal for someone looking for a quiet getaway and understated beauty.

3 // Zanzibar

Clear water, fishing villages, breathtaking vantage points, and a rich nightlife — That is what you’ll find if you choose Zanzibar, a Tanzanian archipelago in East Africa, as your next destination. Along the east coast you can explore with locals and visit rural villages. In the north, you will find touristy attractions, tiki bars and clubs to party, while in the south east corner, you will probably have the chance to see pods of dolphins swimming near the coast. In Zanzibar, there is something for every taste!

2 // Corsica

It’s with good reason that Corsica’s nickname is France’s Isle of Beauty. It’s the fourth largest in the Mediterranean Sea and covered in picturesque towns and mountainous terrain. Corsica is a stylish spot where French people like to spend their holiday. It has a rich history made up of diverse cultural influences, not only from France but also from Italy and North Africa. In the south, you will find the charming hillside village of Porto Vecchio and beautiful beaches, while in the north, it’s the medieval town of Calvi that will welcome you. So memorable will be your experience in Corsica that you will want to come back as soon as possible!

1 // Maui

It might seem predictable that Maui is number on this list. But remember, this is a list of the top paradise islands, not top secret ones. Maui is Hawaii’s second biggest islands and probably the most breathtaking one. This incredible spot in the Pacific Ocean boasts many waterfalls, gardens, untouched rainforest, innumerable historic structures, and yes, a massive tourist industry. Whether you’re looking for outdoors adventures, pampered luxuries, or the most authentic Hawaiian cuisine, Maui offers something for everyone. And be sure, you’ll find every sort of person vacationing here. During your trip, rent a car and drive the Hana Road, along the coast and through a breathtaking rainforest. This is one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Throw on a lei and Hawaiian shirt and get into the island spirit. Aloha!

Lavaux and Its Surroundings: A little taste of paradise

My name is Loris and I’m originally from Switzerland. You know, this little country which is in central Europe and where we have more than one language, yes we do…
French, German, Italian and Romansh are the four languages that we speak. (Mostly German and French). I used to learn Italian and German at school as I am a French native speaker and now I have an insatiable desire to travel all around the world. That is exactly the reason why 6 months ago, I crossed the Atlantic Ocean, to San Francisco, to discover a new country, a new culture and a new way of life. After having taken English Class for half a year, I’m now working at Wcities as an intern for 3 months. A company where I can share my passion for travel.
Even if I really want to discover the whole world, I have to admit that I feel grateful to live in Switzerland which is a beautiful and peaceful country. And particularly the area of Lavaux where I grew up, and that is exactly where I am going to take you today.

First of all, Lavaux is well-known for it’s wine of great personality which is one of the best in the country. Indeed, with more than 850 hectares of terraced vineyards stretching for almost 19 miles this wine area is one of the largests in Switzerland. So if you are a wine lover this is definitely the place to visit!


A Taste of Wine

Pinot Noir from the little village of Villette, Sauvignon from Montreux or Chardonne, are some that you must try while you are visiting the vineyards. Swiss wine is not really famous outside the country but it should be! I don’t say that because I am a wine lover who is from this part of the country but rather because it is the truth and any oenologists would tell you so.

Lavaux can be compared to the Mosel, a German wine region because of its similar scenery. We can find every sort of wine in the different wineries along Lavaux. Red, white or rosé are appreciated by everyone. The most famous variety is probably the Chasselas grape which is used to produce white wine. I like it a lot because it’s fruity and dry. Can you imagine yourself drinking one or two glasses with some Swiss cheese (the perfect match) on a terrace, enjoying the view at the beginning of spring or the warm weather of summer? I am sure you can and I can as well because of having done that more than once.

A Taste of Serenity

Either enjoying a good wine with an amazing view over Lake Léman (otherwise known as Lake Geneva but as I am from Lutry I cannot use this name), or just having a walk on a sunny afternoon, Lavaux will satisfy every one of you. Nothing but the view clearly worth it. While you are walking across the little paths, why don’t you stop by one of the many little villages surrounding Lavaux? You will probably find some wine-growers who will be very happy to inform you about the vineyard or answer some of your questions. Lavaux starts from Lutry, my hometown, directly to Montreux a touristy city at around 15 miles away. If you are brave enough you can walk throughout (or just a bit is enough) and spend some time there because there is not only Lavaux to visit but also those villages full of surprise and history.
Montreux is a popular nearby city, made famous by the annual Montreux Jazz Festival, the second largest Jazz Festival in the world(!) at which, for example, Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams and Lady Gaga have performed. Not only that, but some celebrities used to live in Montreaux like Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. After you have tried a variety of wine, go down to the lake and visit the famous Chillon Castle from the XII century which is one of the most visited attractions in the country.

Chillon Castel


This part of Switzerland is probably one of the most prestigious. Lavaux of course plays a main role, but not only. If you prefer to hang around the lake you are free to do so. You can easily walk from Montreux to Cully, another village, directly in the vineyard or by the lake. If you choose the second option you can also rent a pedal boat and try to go to France on the opposite side of the lake which is half Swiss and half French. Maybe it is to ambitious… If it’s your goal, you should better rent a motor boat and reach Evian and Ivoire which are especially beautiful.

A few miles from Montreux and still near Lavaux, you can go to Vevey. This little city is one of my favourites because less touristy than Montreux. There is also more to do than in my hometown. If you are a movie fan you probably know Charlie Chaplin who used to live there with his wife and his 4 children. From last year a museum about his life has been created. Called Chaplin’s World, this amazing foundation take you across the time and through the fantastic world of cinema. But as we are starting spring and the good weather is coming, let stay outside and continue our walk through Lavaux.

A Taste of history

Since 2007, Lavaux has the luck to be part to the UNESCO which is a specialized agency reunited the most beautiful places around the world for their preservation. As I said earlier, Lavaux is surrounded by a lot of small villages. Grandvaux, Epesses or Aran are few of them.


Some of the winegrowers houses around the vineyard date back to the 16th century. It’s a constant battle for people who live there from decades to ask for their renovation in a way that doesn’t adulterate the landscape. However, all the villages around Lavaux are not so small. Indeed, Lausanne (3 miles from Lutry) is the 4th most populated city of Switzerland. Starting to feel sick of the calm and looking for more life? It is not a big deal, I suggest you to visit this city. If you are keen on history you will certainly be happy. Therefore, there are also a lot of shops or restaurants where you can buy clothes or eat one of the specialities such as a fondue.. Miam. Lausanne often reminds me San Francisco because it is also really steep. Always going upstairs and downstairs, it’s good for the calfs! Particularly if you want to visit the gorgeous cathedral which is the biggest in the country, you will have to walk a lot to deserve it!

Old Lausanne

A Taste of Luxury

To conclude, I want to share with you my favourite bar, in the center of Lavaux, which is considered to have one of the best views in the world and I am sure you will see why.

Le Deck overlooks all of Lavaux. I have to admit that the prices are maybe a little expensive but it’s worth a visit. When you arrive by car, you are not sure what to expect. You enter to the bar, have a seat one of the comfortable chairs and suddenly the landscape appears totally out of the blue. This view is so breathtaking, that you feel hypnotized and cannot take your eyes off this beautiful scenery.

The view from Le Deck located in Chexbres

The outside of the bar

Please, don’t be in a rush if you decide to have a drink there, because when you order your cocktail or glass of wine, which go well with some appetizers, the waiter is certainly going to take forever. But don’t panic, just enjoy the moment. You can expect to pay $14 for a cocktail and $10 for a glass of cabernet sauvignon. After enjoying your drink, if you like, you can continue the evening by having dinner just next door at Le Baron Tavernier, (same owner). Unfortunately, I’ve never been there–too expensive for a student.

I guess that when, in a relatively short time or not, I go back to Switzerland, walking around Lavaux will be one of the first things that I am going to do. These are my roots and even if I am curious about the world I don’t think I can deny it one day. As I said I grew up in this area and I was used to spend a lot of time there. Hanging around with friends or winding down after a tiring day. To live near Lavaux makes me feel joyful and it’s for me like a way out. So see you there!