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Paris, The bright and colorful Capital of Freedom

Paris is the Capital of France. Paris is the city of lights. Paris is a dream for all the lovers. Paris is the place for all Epicurean delights. Paris is the symbol of freedom. Paris is the destination for the artists. Paris is…



I went to Paris and I planned to write an article on the best venues in the city. It would have made you envious to visit the Capital. My work was easy. Between the good restaurants, the wonderful architecture and the nightlife, I had a lot of ideas. I was happy to see my friends and walked in the streets, with the sun and the warm weather that is unusual at this time of year. The nice thing about Paris is, that there are many restaurants with terraces. It is the perfect place to relax with family and friends. Indeed, in France we like to take time after work to go out with pals. Why? Because Paris welcomes people from all over the world who want live in the French capital. They are students or artists who come find to inspiration, or just a better life, totally immersed in the Parisian lifestyle…


Courtesy of Céline


Life in the capital never stops. I can still hear the laughter, the music on every corner and the perfume of freedom in the air. I remember everything, but I can’t write something about Paris without mentioning the horrible events of November 13, 2015.

I was wandering the streets of Paris in November when terrorism struck the nation and left families suffering. I could have been one of the innocent people killed at the sites of these coordinated attacks. I could have been on Rue de Charonne or Rue de la Fontaine, where at least 23 people were murdered. I could have been on the terrace of the restaurant Le Petit Cambodge, drinking innocently, when bullets took the lives of 12 human lives. I could have been one of these 89 bodies killed mercilessly in Le Bataclan.

130 is the number of souls that flew away. It’s the number of smiles that disappeared in one night. But 130 isn’t just a number. It’s the faces, the names, the people. They were children, spouses, parents. They were simply human beings. They may have been the love and the universe of someone, and now they are gone. You were between 17 and 68 years old. You were Catholics, Muslims, Atheists. You were French, American, Chilean, Belgian, Turkish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, British, Romanian, Tunisian, Algerian, Moroccan, Mexican, Swedish, Venezuelan, and Italian. You represented Europe and the world. You are in our memories.

The terrorists responsible for these attacks hurt our liberty. They made us falter but we will be stronger. Whoever they are, they will not take our joy for living.

Paris, continue to sing L’Hymne à l’amour, continue to make resound La Marseillaise. The show must go on. I want to hear the music roaring in our ears. Paris, please continue to glisten, to make eyes shine, and to let us love freely.

Today we are all of the Generation Bataclan. As long as there is life, there is hope, even for a city in mourning.


Courtesy of Julie Verdier


Today, as a tribute, I am going to drink excessively, I am going to wear a shorter skirt, I am going to listen my Rock music on high volume, I am going to live for you, for freedom, for our youth. I am going to dance even though my body is broken. I am going to laugh, even though my heart wears your grief. I am going to stay strong. We are threatened but free. So young people, rise to fight for our “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité.” Rise and live because there so many things to do. Paris, your lights are not turned off.

Terrace Montmatre

Terrace Montmatre

Follow me to Montmatre, the most picturesque place, with all these amazing painters and its small and cobbled streets. Let us discover Le Sacré-Coeur (the Basilica of the Sacred Heart) and its view on Paris. The scene is magical, especially by nightfall. Walk in the 7th district and take a seat on the terrace of Café Varenne, in front of Le Palais de l’Elysée, and taste a typical meal from the local gastronomy. The dishes of Sylvain Didier and his wife, the owners, are unique and authentic, and their reputation is known to the United States. Everything is homemade. Eating here is like sharing a meal with family. The atmosphere is convivial, around the fashionable drink, called “Spritz”, which came from Italy.

Café Varenne

Café Varenne

Ponts-Bateau Mouche

Ponts-Bateau Mouche

Take my hand and let’s go lay down in the 11st district, in a beautiful restaurant and a very girly tearoom, Rose Thé. Since 2002, Corinne, the owner, has made homemade quiches and pies, both salty and sweet. The chocolate cake without flour is delicious and you can buy and taste various kinds of tea. Take the Bateau-Mouche and discover the city sailing over the River Seine. Kiss on the Mirabeau bridge. Come to discover the decadence of the girls of Folie’s Pigalle or the mysterious dancers of Le Moulin Rouge. Drink to innocence at the Bar La Vue. Situated at the 34th floor of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Paris Etoile, near La Place de la Porte Maillot in the 17th district, the bar offers a panoramic view of Paris. Its selection of wine, spirits, and cocktails is for all tastes. The bar is a must-do activity during a trip to Paris, especially if you are looking for a romantic and glamorous backdrops.


Bar La Vue

Courtesy of Duc

Courtesy of Duc

In memory of those who lost their lives on November 13, 2015…

Stéphane, Pierre, Nick, Jean-Jacques, Anne-Laure, Cécile, Thomas, Guillaume, Alva, Chloé, Emmanuel, Maxime, Quentin, Macathéo, Elodie, Ciprian, Lacramioara, Nicolas, Baptiste, Anne, Pierre-Yves, Nicolas, Precilia, Marie-Aimée, Elsa, Nicolas, Patricia, Vincent, Asta, Manuel, Romain, Lamia, Lucie, Elif, Milko, Fabrice, Romain, Thomas, Mathias, Marie, Claire, Germain, Antoine, Romain, Grégory, Christophe, Julien, Suzon, Mayeul, Salah, Véronique, Michelli, Matthieu, Cédric, Nohemi, Juan Alberto, Stéphane, Thierry, Olivier, Stéphane, Frédéric, Pierre-Antoine, Raphaël, Mathieu, Djamilia, Mohamed, Nathalie, Marion, Halima, Hodda, Jean-Jacques, Hyacinthe, Nathalie, Guillaume, Renaud, Gilles, Christophe, Cédric, David, Charlotte, Emilie, Isabelle, Fanny, Yannick, Cécile, Luis Felipe, Marie-Charlotte, Justine, Quentin, Victor, Christophe, Hélène, Romain, Bertrand, Christopher, Aurélie, Manu, Anna, Marion, Franck, Caroline, François-Xavier, Sébastien, Armelle, Richard, Valentin, Matthieu, Estelle, Thibault, Raphaël, Madeleine, Kheireddine, Lola, Hugo, Claire, Maud, Sven, Valeria, Fabian, Ariane, Eric, Olivier, Stella, Lola, Alban, Cédric, Cécile, Djalal, Justine, Vincent, René, Marie, Amine, and all those who remain anonymous.

And for all 350 who were injured.