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‘Tis the season for some good ol’ fashioned family-bonding time. That also means it’s time for some good ol’ fashioned family-related headaches! But it’s my furry, four-legged family members who give me the most to worry about during the upcoming holidays and holiday parties.

While making plans for this year’s Thanksgiving get-together, I thought it would be so much more relaxing if I could bring my “fur-babies” to one of those really fancy dog hotels or resorts where the dog guests can go for nature hikes and have doggy ice cream socials. While researching these businesses, I learned that doggy pedicures, web cam access, and personal dog training sessions have actually become the norm in the world of high-end dog boarding.  Here are a few of the most interesting and unique dog hotels and resorts in the United states, offering services and activities for the most pampered of pooches, and providing a high-end environment where the dogs get their chance to party.


D Pet Hotels
Hollywood, California

Photo by D Pet Hotels

Have a dog that likes to sprawl out on your bed? Book a room at D Pet Hotels and let your doggy doze off on her own queen-sized bed in one of D Pet Hotel’s distinguished Uber Double Suites. Their luxurious double suites come complete with a 42” flat screen TV and modern room décor. During the day, dogs can play in one of three dog parks, altogether spanning 6000 square feet, and with each one exclusive to petite, medium or large sized guests. The most stylish way to get to this hound-loving Hollywood, CA hotel is to book a ride through their D-Chauffeur service, where you can choose between a Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Gallardo, Bentley, Porsche or Rolls Royce to deliver your darling dog. Keeping up appearances also applies to physique, though! Dogs packing on a few pounds can hit up D Pet Hotel’s Pant gym and run on one of Pant’s just-for-dogs treadmills. Then they can pretty up at the full-service D-spa, where puppy can primp up with a detoxifying and rejuvenating D-Wrap thermal body wrap.


The Barkley Pet Hotels
Westlake Village, California & Cleveland, Ohio

Photo by The Barkley Pet Hotels

If you’re the type of dog parent who lives to indulge your pooch, then check out The Barkley Pet Hotels in the Cleveland Ohio area, and also in Los Angeles county’s Westlake Village. Dogs should arrive with a healthy appetite, as The Barkley offers a room service menu featuring special meals such as Filet Mignon for dogs, sushi for feline guests, and festive turkey dinners for those wanting a special meal for the holiday season. But there’s no need to stay in. The Barkley offers limousine service for Fido to go cruising out on the town, where he can even visit the McDonald’s drive-thru and order a burger! The fun doesn’t end there – California guests can lounge in luxurious “Rodeo Drive” suites, each designed and named after a famous store, bearing monikers such as Sniffanys and Fursace.  Ohio guests can book one of The Barkley’s Executive Poolside Suites, some which are even adjoined to keep family dogs comfortably close to one another, and some which have exciting views of the pool.  Speaking of pools, the Westlake location features their very own “Barkley Beach” – a heated ozone pool where Director of Marketing, Malia Rivera explains how a new dog-surfing service began:

“Most recently, a pet owner inquired about teaching his German Shepherd confidence and balance on a surfboard in Barkley Beach. Within five lessons Heidi no longer feared water, and won third place in a surfing dog competition in Del Mar, California. It is now regularly requested as a swim session service.”


Always Unleashed
Scottsdale, Arizona

Photo by Always Unleashed

Wanna get away from it all? Then head to Scottsdale Arizona’s Always Unleashed, a gorgeous dog resort that looks as though it could be featured in Architectural Digest, and where I think most humans would probably enjoy staying, as well! This breathtaking southwestern resort is actually the home of Karen Burnett, a local dog whisperer who believes that “dogs are meant to be free” and is proud to own the first cage-free, in-house dog resort in Scottsdale. Dogs are separated by size, and can enjoy the rustic beauty of the indoor dog lounges, or venture outside when they desire.  Pool time and “sport court” time is monitored at specific times during the day and night, where dogs can take a dip in the pool, bounce on the trampoline, and have fun cooling off under the misters.  Take a look at the photos on Always Unleashed’s website, and you’ll see for yourself what it looks like for a dog to have a truly great time away from home and on vacation.

Here are a few other fabulous dog hotels and resorts around the United States:

Chateau Poochie – Pompano Beach, Florida

Canyon View Ranch – Topanga, California

Pooch Hotel – Chicago, Illinois & Sunnyvale, California

For Paws Unleashed – Richmond, Kentucky

Pet N Play Resort – Newburgh, New York

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Written by Christina Melocik 

Can you recommend any cool places to board your pets for the holidays? Let us know! Comment here or @cityseekr or on our Facebook page!

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