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The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang: A Cityseeker Guide

By Nitin Chandran

The Winter Olympics are nearly upon us and the torch is set to shine brighter beginning February 9th. We decided to do a brief run through of the 2018 edition of the games for all you Olympic enthusiasts out there.

The Host: Pyeongchang just about warded off generous bids from Munich and Annecy to come out on top, earning them the right to entertain some of the world’s best winter athletes. The South Korean state does bring some experience to the table, having successfully hosted the ’88 Seoul Olympics.

The Opening Ceremony: The much-awaited cultural extravaganza will be held at the newly-constructed Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium that can easily accommodate 35,000 pairs of eager eyes.

The Closing Ceremony: The games will come to a close at the same venue on the 25th of February.

What’s New This Time Around: The games feature four additional events (Curling, Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding & Speed Skating) taking the total winnable medals to an all-time high tally of 102.

Top Medal Winners: Norway and the USA are two most successful countries in the games with Canada and Germany hot on their heels.

The Mascot: The white tiger which symbolizes trust and inner fortitude.

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