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My Visit to SFMOMA

Meet Zhuoran, one of our new interns visiting from China. A few weeks ago we took her to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), a few blocks away from our office. Below are her reflections.

When I first walked into SFMOMA, the first thing I saw was thousands of white computer-controlled LED spheres hanging from the ceiling; they dimmed and grew brighter, creating shapes. It was hard to see what the shapes were, but later when we went upstairs the shapes were clear: two dark figures boxing or practicing gongfu (kung fu). Very interesting. It was a new temporary installation designed by Jim Campbell, a local SF artist.


Visiting SFMOMA was a good opportunity for me to better understand the fine art of photography. Before, I imagined photographers were just people with fancy cameras. I thought if the camera was good enough and the subject matter was beautiful enough (for example, super models or a scenic view) then their job was easy. After visiting the museum, I learned that photography is more than that.

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