On the Road to NYC

When I planned my four-month stay in San Francisco as an editorial intern at cityseekr, I knew exactly how I would end my time in the states: with a road trip across the whole country–all the way from California to New York City! This was a dream that I had for years prior to my internship here in the Bay Area, and now that dream is coming true…I can’t wait for it to start! After my internship ends I will have just one month to take everything in before my visa expires–so we better get a move on!

San Francisco. Photo by BG Photo, CC BY 2.0

Two of my friends from Germany and I will start our trip here in San Francisco. I’m very excited to show them the beautiful city where I’ve spent the last four months. From here we want to rent a car and make our way to Yosemite National Park. To be honest, this is not my favorite planned destination on our itinerary. I guess I’m not so much of an outdoorsman and more a friend of the big city. “Big trees…? Big deal…!” However, maybe we’ll get to see some bears…yes…I would definitely like that!

After Yosemite we want to come back to San Francisco, just to be able to take scenic Highway 1 to Los Angeles the next day. We’ve been told it is one of the most beautiful roads to travel by car. Also, many people I’ve met have had lots of things to say about LA and I must also admit that I’m quite excited to see it. Venice Beach, Downtown, Hollywood–so many places to see in so little time! Most of all I’m excited to go to Universal Studios, as well as checking out some of the fancy LA nightclubs.

Los Angeles. Photo by jondoeforty1, CC BY 2.0

After we pay our visit to Hollywood, we will begin heading west to that oasis in the middle of the desert called Las Vegas. I feel that this will be a very important part of our trip since I sincerely plan on winning back a great deal of our travel budget in poker there. Either that, or we end up washing dishes at the Bellagio to pay back our debts. Things could get interesting, but as we all know, what happens in Vegas…etc.

Then the time will come again for us to view more beautiful nature…fun times. But honestly, I’m really looking forward to visiting the Grand Canyon National Park, where we are going to stay one night and enjoy the wonderful views. Originally, our plan from here was to then drive all the way through New Mexico and Texas in order to get to New Orleans. But we came to an agreement to save time and fly directly over these states, from Phoenix to New Orleans.

Grand Canyon. Photo by Moyan_Brenn, CC BY-ND 2.0

In the “Big Easy” we plan to stay for three days and enjoy the incredible food and get a taste of the lively jazz and blues scene the city is famous for. Also I am quite curious to see how well the city recovered from the damage that Hurricane Katrina brought in 2005.

Our journey then will take us up north and closer to our final destination: NYC. On our way we want to visit and pick up friends of ours and also visit Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Baltimore. I really want to see if the picture of Baltimore painted for me by the TV series The Wire is even close to accurate. Well, perhaps not, but I will soon find out!

After this, it will finally be time for us to get to New York City where we want to stay for another week before we head back home to Germany. I really hope my plan to win a lot of money in Las Vegas will work out, since hotel rooms in New York are apparently damn expensive. But I guess it will be worth it to stay in this incredible city, which is a goal for so many people from all over the world.

New York City. Photo by wilhelmja, CC BY-SA 2.0

After our exploration of the Big Apple it will be time for me to part from this country that hosted me and showed me such a wonderful time for the past five months. I will sure miss it, but I’m also quite sure that I will be back!

Any parting words or advice for Hannes before he departs on his epic road trip? Let us know in the comments section on via our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Thanks!

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