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Top 5 Lesser Known UNESCO Heritage Sites in India

By Siane Sreedharan

Etched by mountains, seas and rivers, India has been around since the dawn of civilization, making it among the most ancient societies on earth. This massive nation that emerges from the Himalayas in the north and descends into the Indian Ocean towards the south, has many wonders of old and boasts of some of the highest numbers of UNESCO World Heritage sites on the globe. Whether you are an archaeological buff, a history lover or a wildlife enthusiast, there’s something for you as the country has over 35 heritage sites to explore. Let’s look at some of the most fascinating UNESCO World Heritage sites that may not be world-famous as its counterparts, but are equally enthralling and endearing.

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16 Beautiful Castles in Germany

Finally it’s Friday! Or as one would say in German: Endlich ist Freitag!

We thought we’d kick off the weekend mit ein wunderbar showcase of castles and palaces located throughout Germany, brought together with our Cityseeker Collections feature, that you too can use to plan your next vacation itinerary or weekend destination!

Take a look below and learn more about some of the grandest architectural achievements in German residential living!

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My Impression of Architecture in San Francisco and Differences to Japan

Hello, I’m Maki Dan. In Japan, I’m studying architecture and majoring in structural engineering and disaster prevention, especially for earthquakes. Right now I’m in San Francisco, working at Wcities as an editorial intern for one month. Although I am in San Francisco for a very short time, I’ve experienced a lot and have seen many beautiful buildings. I’d like to write about buildings in San Francisco and their differences to Japanese buildings, based on my feelings and knowledge about architecture. In addition, I’d like to write about some of my experiences here.

City level

urban design

This is a view from Coit Tower. San Francisco’s urban design is grid pattern. This kind of grid design can also be seen in many other cities in the United States. In Japan, we also have a city which has a grid pattern, Kyoto. In Japanese, Kyoto is translated as “Goban-No-Me”, which means Go equipment (Go is a popular board game mainly played in Asia). I have been to Kyoto once, and I found that both Kyoto and San Francisco have some similarities. Continue reading