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Sweep LA!

“BEAT LA!” This cheer demonstrates the great rivalry between the SF Giants and the LA Dodgers, one that is commonly seen around my office and the city. Since I am new to San Francisco, this rivalry is new to me—even professional baseball is new to me. Despite the fact that my office is located near AT&T Park, I had never thought of going to watch a baseball game. I prefer Korean soccer and I felt that baseball was none of my business. Honestly, the only reason that I supported the Dodgers and attended the game was to see the Korean pitcher, Ryu, who plays for the Dodgers. He is a rookie on the team, which was expected to defeat the Giants—at least I really hoped so. However, the Giants destroyed my hopes, and in time all the things about the Giants made me shout “SWEEP LA!” in the end. What happened to me? Please keep on reading to find out.

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