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Sweep LA!

“BEAT LA!” This cheer demonstrates the great rivalry between the SF Giants and the LA Dodgers, one that is commonly seen around my office and the city. Since I am new to San Francisco, this rivalry is new to me—even professional baseball is new to me. Despite the fact that my office is located near AT&T Park, I had never thought of going to watch a baseball game. I prefer Korean soccer and I felt that baseball was none of my business. Honestly, the only reason that I supported the Dodgers and attended the game was to see the Korean pitcher, Ryu, who plays for the Dodgers. He is a rookie on the team, which was expected to defeat the Giants—at least I really hoped so. However, the Giants destroyed my hopes, and in time all the things about the Giants made me shout “SWEEP LA!” in the end. What happened to me? Please keep on reading to find out.

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What I Love About San Francisco

In her last cityseekr post, our intern Ayeon Song reflects on her time here and what she will miss most about the City by the Bay.

Night Views 
San Francisco has the most beautiful scenery in the world! The view from Twin Peaks is my favorite.

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Thoughts on SF

In the third installment of her photo diary, Ayeon talks about some things she likes about SF and American culture…and some things that puzzle her. Read on…

It’s been almost one year since I came to San Francisco. I’m glad to have the chance to look back on my life in SF through this blog. Below are some things that I find interesting about San Francisco and American culture in general:


Have you ever heard the following announcement at Walgreens? “Customer service is needed at the counter.” On my first day in San Francisco, I went to Walgreens to buy some groceries. I noticed there was shampoo on a locked shelf. I always wonder why those shelves are locked, especially here in the USA. Are those items really a target of stealing? I asked a bunch of people, but it’s still unclear to me. Crystal, Chris, Adam – I’m still waiting for a good reason…

Old and New Technology

I know there are plastic Clipper cards for the Muni bus and train, but I was surprised to see paper Muni tickets too. It’s strange to me that the best country in the world still uses paper for some transportation tickets. What if the paper blew away, or I tore it? After I got used to it though, I now feel like it’s more convenient, reasonable and environmentally-friendly. In Korea, most credit cards can be used as transportation cards. Another thing I find interesting is America’s obsession with Apple. One day while I was at a cafe, I realized I was the only person with a Samsung laptop. Everyone else was using Macs. It was the first moment that I really felt like foreigner. The power of Apple is beyond my imagination.

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