Sweep LA!

“BEAT LA!” This cheer demonstrates the great rivalry between the SF Giants and the LA Dodgers, one that is commonly seen around my office and the city. Since I am new to San Francisco, this rivalry is new to me—even professional baseball is new to me. Despite the fact that my office is located near AT&T Park, I had never thought of going to watch a baseball game. I prefer Korean soccer and I felt that baseball was none of my business. Honestly, the only reason that I supported the Dodgers and attended the game was to see the Korean pitcher, Ryu, who plays for the Dodgers. He is a rookie on the team, which was expected to defeat the Giants—at least I really hoped so. However, the Giants destroyed my hopes, and in time all the things about the Giants made me shout “SWEEP LA!” in the end. What happened to me? Please keep on reading to find out.

Before I visited AT&T Park, it was not much more to me than a nice stadium that made the neighborhood near my office annoyingly crowded. Actually, I did not think too much about the stadium at all. However, once I made a decision to go see a baseball game, I found a renewed interest in the park. People always said to me that AT&T Park is a must-visit place, and that the Giants’ game against the Dodgers is a must-watch game. Moreover, Korean pitcher Ryu was going to be playing, so it was the perfect time to go to a game. I was really looking forward to going to watch the game at such a beautiful stadium.

When I reached to the stadium before the beginning, my friends I and could not take our eyes off of all the Giants fans in front of the stadium. All of them were wearing the Giants’ jerseys and caps, cheering on the home team constantly. They seemed to be enjoying all the food, beer, cheers and the joyful time they were spending with their friends at the stadium in addition to the baseball game. They looked excited and confident as well—some Giants and Dodgers fans were even growling at each other, spitting out bad words violently. I knew that was one of many ways that fans show appreciation and enthusiasm for their team, but it reminded me of what my coworkers Dev and Alba said. They are big fans of the SF Giants, and advised me not to wear a LA Dodgers cap to the game to avoid being harassed. Fortunately, one of my friends was wearing the SF Giants cap, which served as our shield.

After we passed through the crowd of fans, we found our seats. We were seated the upper deck, which I expected would be a poor position to watch the game from. Unexpectedly, the view from there was fantastic. At first, I could not focus on the game because I was so distracted looking around the stadium and the crowds. The red brick stadium was full of passionate fans and the green diamond field was as bright as a real diamond. This enormous stadium seemed to be in harmony with the magnificent natural setting beside the blue San Francisco Bay and a spectacular sunset. I think this really is a must-see for people visiting San Francisco.

The Giants kept leading the whole game from the first inning. While the Giants lineup was hitting all of starting pitcher Ryu’s pitches, the Dodgers lineup was helpless to Cain’s fastball. As Ryu was substituted after allowing four runs in six innings, my high hopes turned to disappointment. Hunter Pence, an outfielder of the Giants, put on a one-man show batting in four runs. In the eighth inning, the Dodgers started to catch up to the Giants by scoring three runs, making the score 3 to 4, and the game seemed to be taking a turn. But when closing pitcher Sergio Romo took the BlueHost优惠码 mound, the Giants fans went wild as if they already won the game. At this point, my friends and I realized that we were supporting the SF Giants and began shouting “SWEEP LA!” involuntarily. As expected, Romo finished the game showing off his outstanding pitching ability. Since the Giants fans’ cheering was so enthusiastic and witty, we could not help but change alliances and start cheering for the home team. Seeing the fans waving brooms and yelling “SWEEP!” was so exciting for me, and shouting “Go Giants” with the rest of the crowd at AT&T Park was even more thrilling.

So, yes, I am now a Giants fan. Do you think that I made a hasty decision? I bet you won’t be able to help but change your team—just go to a Giants game! To AT&T Park!

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